Destination Services

Get your employees settled in the UK quickly and efficiently

When relocating to the UK, what matters most is getting your employees settled in and feeling at home in the shortest time. That's where our Destination Services come in.

The UK, different from European countries, has its very own way of doing things when it comes to housing, childcare or healthcare. Our Destination Services cover all the important needs your employees have after landing in the UK: we'll find a home for them thanks to our vast local real estate network, we'll advise on the best schools for their children, we'll get their bank account, insurances and telecoms organised quickly and efficiently. And when your transferees leave the UK, you don't have to worry about a thing: we'll organise their departure just as quickly and efficiently as their arrival, so there are no loose ends left behind.

Immigration Support

Transfer your employees to the UK with zero hassle

Immigration is a maze of paperwork and regulations. Does your company have the time and the knowledge to handle it? A misfiled application could result in hefty fines and even in the withdrawal of a visa for your employees. Can your company afford this?

Forget about spending days trying to figure out how to be compliant with every immigration regulation - our specialised teams of immigration experts will handle and solve any query in record time. We’ll make sure your transfers are swift and perfectly compliant.

Move Management

We move more than household goods – we move people

Want to move your employees on time and with care? You have come to the right place! Packimpex handles over 4,500 international relocations every year with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Work with Packimpex to get competitive rates and exceptional full service for your transferees thanks to our partnerships with moving providers. Your transferees get their household goods within a short timeframe at no additional cost to you due to our logistic solutions.

Corporate Apartment Management

Flexible and fully managed corporate apartments

Are you looking for temporary accommodation for your employees? Maybe you have a team of young trainees who would like to gain more experience working at your company’s headquarters for a few months, or maybe your company would like to send a team of senior executives to share their expertise with various local offices. Whatever the case, whether you’re looking to house 5 or 100 people, finding temporary accommodation in today’s housing market will be tough. Not to mention expensive. Your options might be Airbnb or hotels, but bar the price, such locations might not be compliant with your corporate standards and you would have the added headache of having to check the locations - where they are situated, what is the basic standard of living there, and so on.

At Packimpex, we’re specialised in solving corporate housing problems: we make it easy and affordable for organisations to house their employees for a flexible period of time, wherever you need it. No hassle, no extra costs, no stress for your company.

Furniture Rental

Feel at home, cost effective and sustainable

For employees on fixed term assignments, rental furniture is the best way to keep costs in check and care for the environment at the same time. When you move to a new location for a short period of time, it makes no financial sense to bring your furniture along, but you still want to feel at home. That’s when our furniture rental service comes in - your employees will be able to choose great quality pieces of furniture in pre-set packages that contain everything one needs, from corkscrews, to sofas and laundry bags. The order process is easy, delivery is within 48h and our service also includes the assembly of the furniture.

Group relocations

Consulting and end-to-end support for group relocations

Packimpex can play an active role in the internal marketing of the decision to relocate. We are often called upon to consult potential transferees about the relocation process and to address their individual worries and concerns. We also typically organise group orientation tours, which allows for substantial savings. Packimpex is aware of the work that HR professionals must do before the relocation is announced to employees. In these cases, we offer confidential pre-consultations with a company’s executive management and HR teams to lay the foundation for a well-executed company- or department-wide relocation.