Any company relocating employees to the UK needs to draw up a relocation policy, establish the budget per employee, research the legal element (what work visas do you need?, how should employment contracts be drawn up?), source temporary or permanent housing… and the list goes on. Not to mention the emotional support your employees might need to get over the cultural shock or answers to important questions on daily life such as: what are the recycling rules or do I need a new driving licence? Are you ready to answer all these questions or provide the day-to-day support your employees might need?

If the answer is no, then find out how a relocation provider can help with these key items:

  • Drawing up the relocation policy so you know how much the moving or housing allowance should be for all your assignees.
  • Immigration formalities: what type of visa or work permit is needed based on your employee’s nationality. What papers need to be submitted?
  • Housing search: you will need temporary and permanent accommodation for your employees. Their future home needs to take into account the length of their commute, the quality of the neighborhood, the proximity to schools if they have children.
  • All settling in details, like registering with a doctor, opening a bank account or getting connected to the internet as soon as they arrive.
  • Emotional support and cultural integration

Hire and Move the Best Talent

You found a great candidate for a position in one of your locations, but they currently live in another country. Would you or your company give up on recruiting the best possible person for the job just because they don’t live in the United Kingdom - or wherever the position is? Probably not – and nor should you.

Key benefits of using a relocation provider

One of the most important reasons to work with a relocation provider is their invaluable local knowledge and expertise. Without it, you might sign a rental contract with expensive or restrictive clauses, or choose the wrong school for your children, lose your rental deposit or not be tax compliant. A relocation provider is the guarantee that your assignees will relocate smoothly and settle in quickly.