Our immigration partners are all fully qualified specialists in UK immigration law and are experts in all aspects of the process to receive a work and residence permit for employment in the United Kingdom. Our comprehensive range of services minimises your involvement in the complex immigration process. It also reduces the processing time of your transferees’ applications and enhances compliance. Thanks to our modular service structure, you can select exactly the immigration support you need and reduce the total cost for your organisation. When it comes to immigration, our job is to make yours easier. Our immigration partners are always completely up to date on the latest changes to complex UK legislation, so you can focus on your most important responsibilities.

Choose the immigration services you need.

Enhanced immigration compliance

When you choose Packimpex as your service provider for your transferees’ immigration to the United Kingdom, you automatically receive assistance with managing the expiration dates and permit renewals of all your non-British transferees. Packimpex oversees your immigration projects and handles complicated tasks in a professional manner while keeping you informed at every stage.

At your request, we can adapt a confidential platform for exchanging information and documentation between your team and your transferees.

End-to-end case management for all your UK immigration projects

Packimpex’s immigration services stand out with complete end-to-end case management for each of our corporate clients. Your main point of contact will be one of our immigration partners, who will secure in-country approvals and support your transferee during the visa process in their home country..

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent service and we will ensure that you benefit from Packimpex’ professional expertise and practical experience. Our immigration experts can advise you on every aspect of the process and always maintain a solutions-focused approach. It is our aim to provide you with clear strategic advice and end-to-end support, whether you plan on relocating your global business to the United Kingdom or just a select number of individuals.

Assistance with UK visas and permits for corporate clients

We have extensive experience in advising corporate clients on British work and residence permit applications. The specific types of applications we manage include but are not limited to the following:

  • Individual Needs Assessment including Comfort Call
  • Tourist visa application
  • Business visa application
  • Application for a work visa
  • Application for a Blue Card
  • Application for a work and residence permit
  • Application for a settlement permit
  • Official registration, re-registration, and deregistration
  • Extension of residence and work permits
  • Visa support in your home country (accompanied and unaccompanied)
  • Organisation of translations, notarial/official certifications, legalisation and apostilles
  • Aid in obtaining birth and marriage certificates
  • Assistance in applying for and renewing a passport

Assistance with UK visas and permits for individuals

Do you want to find out if you're allowed to live and work in the United Kingdom? Do you have questions relating to immigration to Great Britain, for yourself, for a family member or a loved one? As the most expat-friendly immigration service in the UK, Packimpex is here to help. Book an Immigration Case Assessment and get the answers you need.

Do you need expert advice on immigration to the United Kingdom?

Do you require professional support to apply for a UK work or residence permit of any kind? Packimpex is one of the UK’s leading relocation services providers and can help you.

Find out quickly whether you are applicable to live and work in the UK from an immigration standpoint. Get answers to your questions about family reunion, immigration of unmarried partners, document requirements and much more.