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Finding a home in the United Kingdom: always a tall order

If you browse online listings for rental properties in the UK, you will find quite a lot of options available. But this is extremely deceptive: renting or buying a British property as an expat is not straight forward. These are a few of the hurdles you may face:

  • The United Kingdom is a landlords’ market. For each listing you will find, there can be multiple applications.
  • The landlord or the agency managing the property are the ones that make the choice.
  • To rent a property you will need to prove that you have the right to reside in the UK. This makes it impossible for new expats to find a home on their own before their arrival.
  • Viewing a property is essential prior to committing to a tenancy agreement
  • In major cities like London, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow or Edinburgh, competition is cut-throat, so you’ll often have to settle for a property that’s outside your area of interest or outside your budget. None of these are fun compromises to make!

The solution? You can stay in a hotel or a short-term rental property. But both of these options can get very expensive very fast. If you don’t want to waste time and money, there’s an easier, faster and smarter way: let relocation professionals handle home finding for you.

What is Home Finding Support and why you'd need it?

If you're stuck in the UK real estate market and can't make any headway, if you're tired of having your rental application turned down because you called from abroad, or if adding your application to top of a large pile along with many other applicants is not really your thing - then you'll be happy to know Packimpex will help you get the home you want.

You will see doors open when your viewing request or rental application comes from Packimpex, one of the UK and Europe’s relocation market leaders. When you choose Packimpex, you free yourself of bureaucracy and admin, and strengthen your chances of getting the home you want in the timeframe you need it!

With our Home Finding Support service you'll enjoy:

  • Support in finding the ideal area for your needs: do you prefer to be close to your workplace or to nature? Want quick access to pubs and restaurants or yoga studios and schools? Our relocation experts know the ins and outs of every region of the UK and they can guide you in making the best choice for you and/or your family.
  • Complete tours of the properties you are interested in: in-person or online, if you want to have your home waiting for you when you land in the UK.
  • We’ll fill in the lease application for you: when the application comes from Packimpex, your chances of being accepted increase exponentially.
  • Help in negotiating and navigating your lease terms. (Did you know that UK lease contracts can be up to 30 pages long?!)
  • Support with making sure your security deposit is registered with an approved government deposit scheme

Let’s get you settled into the home of your dreams in the United Kingdom! Book a free Guidance Call and we'll be happy to explain more about how we can support you in your home search.

Home Finding Support saves you time & money

Our Home Finding Support will help you avoid any bureaucratic issues and get moved right in. No more paying for expensive hotels and short-time rentals or getting frustrated because yet another application was turned down.

Depending on how much you want to be involved in the process, you can choose between three different packages. All of them come with the guarantee of finding you a home – the choice depends entirely on your desired level of involvement.

Why choose Packimpex for Home Finding Support?

Packimpex is a UK and European relocation market leader and the most awarded international relocation company. Packimpex has over 45 years' experience in relocation, handling on average about 4500 relocations per year. Our super-power? Making sure you get the experience you need. Personalisation and attention to details for every expat situation have brought us the ‘preferred relocation company’ status year after year.

What our customers say

“This is the best investment I could have ever made towards my move. It was worth every penny. I received constructive advice that significantly aided my search. And it is clear to me that I could not have had such success alone.”

Deborah, bought the VIP Home-finding package